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RS_Undo Class Reference

#include <rs_undo.h>

Inheritance diagram for RS_Undo:

RS_Document RS_UndoStub RS_Block RS_Graphic RS_FontChar

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Detailed Description

Undo / redo functionality. The internal undo list consists of RS_UndoCycle entries.

See also:
Andrew Mustun

Definition at line 41 of file rs_undo.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addUndoable (RS_Undoable *u)
void addUndoCycle (RS_UndoCycle *i)
virtual int countRedoCycles ()
virtual int countUndoCycles ()
virtual void endUndoCycle ()
virtual RS_UndoCyclegetRedoCycle ()
virtual RS_UndoCyclegetUndoCycle ()
virtual void redo ()
virtual void removeUndoable (RS_Undoable *u)=0
 RS_Undo ()
virtual void startUndoCycle ()
virtual void undo ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool test ()

Protected Attributes

RS_PtrList< RS_UndoCycleundoList
 List of undo list items. every item is something that can be undone.
int undoPointer


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, RS_Undo &a)

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